Why Do You Need SEO?

Have you heard of SEO?

Do you know what it is?

Did you know it can improve your website?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a marketable approach to a website in order to improve the site’s ranking in search results. This approach focuses on organic search results which does not include paid-for links and advertisements. The ultimate goal for the majority of companies is to become No. 1 on Google’s or Bing’s search result pages.

So, how do companies get their websites to appear on the first page of Google search results or even in the top 10 links? Through SEO, websites are optimized, page by page, to improve website design, layout, navigation and content for several reasons. The most important reason for SEO is to adhere to guidelines and expectations of search engines. Google releases information about its crawling and indexing algorithms so website owners can understand how their site is rated and why. When you use SEO to improve your website, you can in turn make it easier for search engines to crawl and index your site, which can improve your placement in search engine result pages.

How Does SEO Work?

Search engine optimization works to improve your website in a number of ways. A company that provides SEO services can evaluate your site and discuss your company’s goals for your website to create a workable SEO strategy. That way the services provided can help reach the goals that are set.

At Online Potential, we help our clients reach their websites’ goals through a variety of SEO tactics.

Keyword & Keyphrase Identification

A common misunderstanding exists with many business owners when it comes to choosing keywords and keyphrases for their websites. We have met many clients who stuffed thousands of keywords into their site and meta tags in hopes they will rank well. But it isn’t really about the number of keywords but rather the relevancy of the right keywords.

Search engines use algorithms to crawl a site, sniffing out information and going through content. The algorithms then index a site based on several factors, one of them being keywords. If your site includes many keywords that have little relevance when compared to your website content, your site may be indexed incorrectly or it may be penalized for spam. You can avoid these site errors by allowing us to do in-depth research to identify the best keywords and keyphrases for your website that align with your company, products, services, niche and industry.

First Steps in Optimization

For our clients who have never had their websites optimized, we perform the first steps in optimization to get your website up to speed. This may include implementing keywords and keyphrases identified during our initial analysis, but it also includes updating information and content found on your web pages, such as page titles and meta tags.

While content is an important piece of SEO, it can also be extensive. We’ll ensure the most important content is included on your site, even if it’s just a short placeholder to replace later. It’s important that your web pages are not left empty. Consumers will understand if they see an “under construction” post on your pages, but a blank, empty page can appear as though your site is not working or that you do not update the site.

Submitting Your Site to Search Engines

Search engines crawl the web continually, and new websites can be located through external links from other pages. But that can take time, and we prefer not to have a reactive approach to SEO. Our proactive stance includes submitting your website to search engines for review and index inclusion. After the search engines have crawled and indexed your website, the site can be included on search engine results pages.

Although submission is our goal in this step, our work isn’t over once we’ve sent the information along. We continue to work on your website in order to improve its rankings through additional SEO services.


Some business owners think they don’t need to link to other websites from their own, and that there are no benefits to other sites linking to their website. They couldn’t be more wrong. Google judges your website based its link building, so you want credible, reliable websites to link to your site, and you want to link to other credible, reliable sites within your topic, niche or industry. It’s important that your links are relevant to the content found on the page as Google does penalize sites that practice in buying links or other link schemes.

It can be tough to create a worthy network of links. Not everyone will link to your page, even when you ask them to do so. We can help you identify sites more likely to link to your page, but there are also ways that you can encourage people to share your website with others. Through social media sites, you can share links with followers who may link to your site through posts or retweets. Online press releases provide an excellent opportunity for bloggers and media outlets to discuss the release topics and link back to your site. And business blogs can start a conversation that invites readers and other bloggers to take part, which can result in linking to your website.

At Online Potential, we never practice Black Hat SEO link building or participate in link schemes, so you don’t have to worry about our methods. We build natural, trustworthy backlinks to help your business grow.

Content, Content, Content

Content is one of the most important aspects of SEO. Without the content, there is no place to insert keywords or keyphrases, and there’s a limited possibility that search engines can correctly index your site without content.

A website should provide high-quality content that serves a purpose. Do you offer products or services to consumers? Then your content may focus on service/product specifications, explanations, tutorials, and more. You want your content to provide consumers with everything they need to make an informed decision about your products/services but also about your company. The better your website content is, the more likely it is that the content will be shared, which will build links.

Content also helps your page rank well with search engines. Google has specific algorithms to penalize sites with low-quality content that is irrelevant to the keywords or that does not provide significant information with a clear purpose. We’ll make sure your homepage and subsequent web pages are optimized with high-quality content so that you can stop being penalized and start seeing real results. Our SEO services include content creation as well, so if you don’t have the content you need, we can provide it for you.

Continual Optimization

SEO is not a one-time fixall. You may notice significant improvements right away, but unless you continue creating content, optimizing your web pages and performing maintenance on your website, you’ll begin to fall in the rankings. Continual optimization keeps your website fresh, which encourages your target audience to return over and over again. Consistent updates and a steady flow of website traffic can have an effect on your rankings for the better.

Online Potential, SEO & You

With Online Potential, you get a team dedicated to the improvement of your website and overall growth of your company. From our website builders and coders to our SEO specialists and writers, we are diligent in our service to provide you with the best optimization choices for your company. We don’t do a one-size-fits-all SEO package. We offer customized services that are right for your company in order to see your website perform better on rankings and to better serve your consumers.

Now that you know why you need SEO, and how it can grow your company, choose Online Potential and begin the SEO process.

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