Content Marketing Strategy

In the realm of search engine rankings and website credibility, content is king. Everyone – from consumers to search engines like Google – expects the content on your website to be wholly original, creative, informative, and credible. There are a few ways to manage the content marketing strategy of your business, and Online Potential can help you every step of the way.

What is Content Marketing?

When we talk about content marketing strategies, it mainly includes content found on websites and blogs. Part of that marketing includes link building, where one site links to another site in an attempt to share the second site's information and qualify the second site's credibility. But it isn't enough just to have your company's website link posted on a few random pages. Why not? Search engines take into consideration the reputation of the site listing the link. If there's any spam or untrustworthy aspects to the site that links to your web page, then your web page could be viewed unfavorably as well. That's why you want reputable bloggers, industry publications, and social media creators linking to your company's website.

The type of content created is also an integral part of content marketing. Search engine optimization plays a big part in content found on websites, blogs, social media posts, press releases, and more. Our writers and editors are experts in the field, so they are able to create quality content that utilizes true SEO, not just keyword spamming. This lets consumers search for your company more successfully while also increasing brand awareness to include potential consumers who are unfamiliar with your business.

Content marketing strategies also incorporate graphics and infographics. Infographics are informative graphs or illustrations that provide content in a very clear, straight-forward manner. All of the content is included on the graphic – there's no accompanying text that needs to further explain what the reader is seeing. Infographics are a popular way to convey content in small chunks because it's easy for readers to understand the information that is presented.

Keeping Your Content Relevant

One of the great abilities the Internet has given us is connecting and staying connected with industries and people around the world. A successful company's content marketing strategy takes advantage of these connections. Online Potential will help your company branch out in your industry so that lead review sites and bloggers will be linking back to your website. With successful social media marketing, social media creators (people who use social media sites to post or create original content) are more likely to share, tweet, like, or follow your company.

We can also set up a blog for your company so that your business has a platform to share what's important. Whether it be a new law that directly affects your industry or a local charity event that your company helped sponsor, there are hundreds of blog topics that can be of interest to your company. In that way blogs can help you connect to consumers, spread brand awareness, and give insight on an important issue or decision, all while being just one part of your content marketing strategy.

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