How to Promote Your Social Media Posts

How many times do we log onto social media websites and apps to check out the latest updates from our friends, colleagues, and even our enemies? The reality is that countless times throughout the day, we find ourselves unconsciously scrolling through social sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

We like pictures, leave comments, and feel a strange sense of happiness from the “love” that people show us online. We post our accomplishments and daily activities. We express our annoyances. We gain ideas for cooking recipes and fashion. We even get the latest news on sociopolitical issues, sports, and entertainment via 6 (and a half) second videos. The possibilities are endless.

Today’s social climate has a major emphasis and dependence on social media. Why not utilize social media as a platform to promote your business?

How Social Media Posts Help Your Business

Taking advantage of the current social media craze involves posting on different social media outlets. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are among the most popular sources. If your clothing company is having a sale for example, you can inform hundreds, even thousands, of people with minimal effort. What is great about social media is that when you post something, it becomes accessible to people throughout the state, country and even globe. Your posts may be screenshotted, liked, retweeted, favorited, or shared among group text messaging systems and other social media platforms.

By posting the latest news on your store online, sharing quality photos of your merchandise, or by simply encouraging people to visit your store, you can:

  • Increase your company’s exposure to diverse audiences
  • Increase exposure to your target audience (i.e. if your company specializes in merchandise for adolescents, you can multiply the number of adolescents and/or parents of adolescents that you reach)
  • Promote your brand (along with special sales and offers)
  • Improve the reputation of your business
  • Stay relevant and compete with similar businesses
  • Expand your clientele/customers
  • Increase your company’s overall REVENUE!

How to Properly Promote Social Media Posts

Although a lot of promotion for your business can be achieved with little help from your company’s marketers, there are specific steps that you should follow.

Create a Profile

Although this may seem obvious, the first thing that you should do is create a social media profile for your company. Select a profile photo and cover photo that represents your business well. Include pertinent contact information and a brief description of the types of goods and services that your business specialize in.

What’s Your Objective?

The great thing about social media is that it provides businesses with a list of objectives that they can use to further promote your company. Typically, social media outlets will ask if you desire to gain more followers, send people to your website, collect emails, or promote your page. Upon selection, social media outlets can assist you with achieving these goals.

Take Advantage of Filters

Social media outlets also offer filtering services that pay close attention to keywords, interests, and contextual behavior of online users. To illustrate, your social media page and/or posts can be recommended to people who indicate on their profiles (or through their online behavior) that they like or dislike particular goods. This can be extremely advantageous and useful to your business.

Post Content Often

The best way to promote your social media posts is to stay relevant on the web. This means that you should display your content (through tweeting, posting pictures, and sharing videos) often. If your company is having an event soon, create an event page and share the event page on the main page for your official business. Social media outlets send invitations and reminders to online users, who will receive direct notifications. If you have new merchandise or just want to showcase some of your company’s goods and services online, make posts often. Effective content marketing on social media can have major benefits.

General Social Media Marketing Tips

  • Avoid posts that are too wordy. The average person skims through social media outlets. A post that is too long may be skipped or avoided altogether. Keep your posts short, simple, and to the point.
  • Use “plain” English. Do not make posts that only people pursuing doctorates in chemistry will understand.
  • Understand your target audience. Tailor your posts to them. If you want to appeal to young adults, be fun and simple.
  • Take advantage of culture. Don’t shy away from popular idioms, memes and song lyrics to promote your business.
  • Interact with your followers. If an online user asks a question or makes a comment about your services, don’t be afraid to answer the question or retweet/share their comment. Thank your followers from time to time for using your services!

In order to maximize your benefits using social media posts, you need to rely on effective social media marketing strategies. We understand that this may be intimidating. For assistance with promoting your posts and targeting wider audiences, contact an Internet marketing professional at Online Potential today.

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