Social Media Design

It may not surprise you that social media has become fully integrated into most people's daily lives. Social media sites help users stay connected to distant friends and family; share memorable photos and videos; express themselves through posts and shared links; and reach out to people, businesses, and organizations with comments, questions and concerns.

Did You Know …

  • there are 1.317 billion active users on Facebook each month?
  • there are 255 million Twitter  users?
  • YouTube has more than 4 billion views every day?

Social media websites may be tailored to consumers, but they offer tremendous marketing information for businesses who are willing to look for it. A business profile not only allows consumers to find your company, but it allows you to see what interests your target audience, the issues they post/tweet about, and the type of connections they are seeking.

Dynamic Social Media Designs

The majority of social media websites have a generic template for profiles. But are you using your company's profile to its full potential? Customers have high expectations for quality on these sites because there are countless profiles available to browse. Bands, restaurants, supermarkets, salons, retailers, law firms, mechanics – everyone is getting on board social media sites, and if your company hasn't hopped on with a dynamic marketing design in place, you're going to be left behind.

Online Potential can help your company come into its own through social media profiles. We'll discuss which sites will offer your company the most when it comes to building brand awareness and increasing your business reputation. We can show you how to network with other businesses while implementing a social media marketing strategy that will appeal to the human nature of your consumers. Our public relations experts can also manage your accounts so that you don't miss out on relevant issues, chances for updates, trends, and more. Or if you prefer to take the reins on your company profiles, we will teach you best practices so that you can grow your brand while mastering your marketing campaign.

Many websites judge their users based on complete profiles. The more information users provide, the easier it is to verify authenticity and to identify and avoid malicious users. The same can be true for the consumer/business relationship. The more information your company makes available through its social media profile, the easier it is for consumers to browse that profile. When site visitors and followers are able to find information quickly, they are more likely to return to or recommend a site. Online Potential can analyze existing profiles to find way to maximize your company's exposure and build your brand.

Online Potential's social media designs include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Business Blogs
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+

Contact Online Potential's office, located in Gainesville, Florida, for a review of your existing social media business profiles. Or let us help you build a profile that incorporates your company's Internet marketing strategy so that your business can begin to grow.

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