Local Marketing vs. SEO vs. PPC

The most popular Internet marketing strategies include local marketing, SEO and pay-per-click (PPC). Each strategy can be tailored to meet a specific company goal, and each strategy is better suited for certain campaigns and outcomes. We’ll help you figure out which marketing strategies you should utilize.

Local Marketing & You

It’s hard to justify a reason for not putting local marketing to work for you. This is how consumers within a 5-, 10-, even 50-mile radius are finding out your location, hours of operation, driving directions and more.

Local marketing strategies generally focus on reaching audiences in a geo-targeted area. These are the web searches people perform every day that include [location] + [company or service provided]. For example, Gainesville FL Internet Marketing Firm. If you search with those terms, you’ll find Online Potential right at the top of Google’s local results. It lists our phone number and address and links to Google Maps for more information. You can also find Google reviews about our company or check out our Google+ page. If you skip further down the page, you’ll see Online Potential is the first organic result matching the search terms. You want the same result for your company, so local marketing is important.

What About SEO?

Search Engine Optimization marketing is the leading way to boost organic search engine rankings. If your company’s content, website, blogs, and social media pages are optimized correctly, you’re likely to get better rankings so the right audience can find you with ease. This isn’t alway about getting the No. 1 spot from Google. The amount of web traffic, coupled with the type of web traffic, are equally important. For example, if you receive more web traffic at the No. 1 spot, but none of those site visitors complete your call-to-action or a purchase, that ranking isn’t working for you. It is possible to be the No. 4 spot and outdo your competition is sales and conversion. That’s where SEO comes in to ensure your content is accurate and informative, your site is updated regularly with quality blogs and posts, and your website is free of errors.

When Should I Use PPC?

Pay-per-click marketing is where the company pays for each click on an advertisement. This allows your company to set a marketing budget without worrying whether you’ll go over budget. There’s a lot of finesse that goes into PPC, however, because you don’t want to pay for people who aren’t going to complete the call-to-action or sale. So you want only the target consumers or potential consumers to click.

The Final Note

It isn’t always about what the best marketing strategy is, but how you can use these marketing strategies to grow your business. Many companies use all three of these marketing tool in order to meet their goals, whether it be in-store visits, web traffic increases or higher conversion rates. Sometimes, a specific location or promotion may benefit more from one marketing strategy, and Online Potential will help you determine what the best approach will be.

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