Content Management Systems

How long has it been since your company updated at least one aspect of its website? If it's been more than two weeks, your company is falling behind. If it's been a full quarter, take advantage of the new quarter to introduce information to your site. If it's been nearly a year, your company has already fallen behind, but Online Potential can help bring your company back into relevance.

Advancing technologies have given us all a need for instant gratification. Do you know anyone who has repeatedly refreshed a page waiting for a new post, auction, video, or sale to go live? We want new information, and we want it now.

Businesses can keep up with this demand by utilizing a content management system or CMS. A content management system is an online application that allows anyone to manage their website more effectively. Users can edit websites with ease while the program takes care of the technical back-end work. This allows for immediate site monitoring and maintenance to content, layout, links, and more.

How Does A CMS Work?

The basic content management systems offer a template of web design features. Users can implement some customization through colors and typeface, but any design changes are simplified on the user end. This allows nearly anyone to make changes to a website without HTML5 or CSS knowledge. A content management system also allows for video and photo uploads with ease.

Content management systems have a simplified process for users to publish new content which could include websites, articles or blogs. Through a CMS, any company can manage its blog content in a matter of minutes or make small content changes to any of its websites.

As with any program, content management systems offer flexibility and automation. It is possible to upload articles or changes and have them publish (or go live) at a specific time and date. For example, if you want a sale to go live on your company's website at 2 a.m., you don't need to be awake for it. A CMS can handle that for you automatically with its publishing options.

Users also find that a content management system can keep their online business organized. Through the content hierarchy of a CMS, blogs, articles, web pages, and more, can be categorized so it is easier to find and manage the content.

Online Potential Content Management Systems

A full range of content management systems are available with Online Potential so you be sure that you're getting the right CMS for your company. And perhaps the best part is that we will manage your CMS for you, which can be a big relief for smaller and larger businesses alike. Smaller companies don't have the resources to lose a few employees to online management, and larger businesses might have so many websites that it can be a hassle to manage them all. Our team is ready and able to manage whatever your company needs, so contact us today to find out which of our content management systems is right for your online business.

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