How to Get More Links for Your Website

Maintaining a sound website is not just about creating polished content and using keywords to rank highly in search engine algorithms. There is much more that goes into it such as design, responsiveness and linkages.

Creating More Links for Your Website

Creating more links for your website can be a difficult task. You may not know where to begin or if your existing links are valuable. We’re happy to help you find creative ways to build lasting links for your site.

Inbound Linking Matters

The key to developing a site that ranks highly in search engine algorithms, transforming online audiences into customers, and retaining those customers often depends on inbound links. Your site may be perfectly drafted. But while people browse through the many images and content of your site, they may have concerns or unanswered questions. When they do not understand something, or if they want to know further information on a particular service or good, they may begin searching for answers. It is your duty to consider the terms, phrases and ideas that may catch your audience’s attention. Then, you should create inbound links on your site that refer online users to other pages on your site. This way, you do not have to worry about a potential customer leaving your site. Everything that they need will be accessible on your site. This can significantly grow your business.

Studies have shown that proper inbound links can help you to:

  • Build local search engine optimization to dominate the industry in your region
  • Gain popularity and a greater overall reputation
  • Bring and retain customers
  • Expand your brand’s exposure
  • Improve your presence in search engine algorithms

Use Networking to Your Advantage

Connecting with other people and other companies (both within and outside of your industry) is a great way to create more links for your site and ultimately grow your company. Take advantage of social media and sponsorships to expand your network.

Social Sharing

Social media marketing can have a lasting impact on your site. Through minimal work, your posts (ideas, videos, pictures) can be shared, liked, favorited and even reposted by fans, other businesses and even those that are simply curious. Do not be afraid to post links on your site or on general sites. For example, if you own a restaurant in Gainesville, FL, a good place to promote your business may be on the social media site of a company that specializes in tours, restaurants and general fun activities to do in Gainesville, FL. Use this to your advantage. By commenting on posts and responding to people, you will inevitably be growing your network.


We understand that you may not want team up with your competitors, but by doing so, you may actually further your business. If there is a community event going on, join forces. Co-sponsor a showcase or charity event. By doing so, you can improve the image of your business, reach new consumers, and ask the event’s host to link to your website. If you have a popular museum, chamber of commerce, or charity linking to your site, you can obtain more site traffic. Co-sponsorship will allow both companies to support each other and raise awareness to audiences that you may have otherwise been unable to reach.

How Outdated Links Hurt Your Company

You may have extremely beneficial links on your website. Overtime, however, these links may expire or become outdated. It is your responsibility to stay updated with the latest technological advances, skills and general launches in your field. You should also monitor the links on your site to make sure that they are still applicable.

For example, for many years, Yahoo was ranked the second highest market share holder. Recently though, Bing has taken Yahoo’s place. It would be foolish to keep existing links on your page that refer to Yahoo’s dominance over Bing. Major events such as these can help you gauge what should be on your site. If you keep links on your site that are not accurate or current, or if you keep too many links altogether, your site can quickly turn into spam material.

If you have an outdated blog article, you don’t have to scrap the whole page. Instead, write an updated blog post, and include the link to your new post on the old page. This will show that you’re staying on top of trends and providing readers with valuable information.


There is a lot to gain if you position links on your site carefully.
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