Local SEO

Make it easier to find your business in web searches.

Geo-targeted searches have risen in popularity and usefulness, and nearly one-third of searches are local. When conducting a local search, web users include a city or city/state combination to narrow search results to find local businesses or to find a specific business. It is easier to type in a city and business name than to guess at a URL through trial and error, and there are ways to ensure your business is included on the local listing results. We'll make sure your business doesn't miss out on Google Maps, Google Carousel and other local SEO listings.


Your next sale is just a click away with pay-per-click advertising.

PPC Management allows your company to see which advertisements are driving traffic to your site while you only pay for the clicks you receive. If implemented effectively, PPC advertising can drive sales and conversion while increasing return on investment. But when unintentional click-throughs occur, it can cost your company. Online Potential will design a system that works best for your company and monitor the results for progressive PPC Management.

Search Engine Optimization

Boost the visibility of your website and attract your target audience.

SEO is a popular marketing strategy that aims to increase website rankings in search engine results naturally, or without paid searches. Many aspects of a website can incorporate an SEO strategy, such as content, social media marketing and online reputation. At Online Potential, we'll build an SEO campaign around the needs and goals of your company that will produce measurable results. We'll also teach you about White Hat and Black Hat techniques to help you better understand why SEO is so important.

Social Media Marketing

Connect with customers, increase brand awareness and monitor your online reputation.

Social media is everywhere at home, school, work, even the bus stop. These websites provide a platform for your company to have an online presence outside of your websites and and landing pages. Every company should have at least one social media profile so consumers can locate businesses, provide feedback, ask questions, and learn more about the company in a few seconds with ease. We can create and manage your profiles, as well as interact with your consumers, to help your online brand and reputation grow.

Conversion Design

A design with a specific goal in mind.

Optimize your site for increased conversion and sales through a better design. Conversion designs are catered to each company's goals and call-to-actions which makes it easy for us to monitor results. Our design strategies make it easier to your site's visitors to complete your desired call-to-action while giving potential customers the nudge they need to go through with the sale. These types of web designs are ever-evolving to match your target consumers' behaviors and shopping patterns.

Landing Page Design

Increase the likelihood of completed call-to-actions.

These standalone web pages are generally positioned between your company's advertising and your website in order to serve a specific customer-related purpose. We'll design and implement click-through landing pages that inform your customers so they are more likely to buy or determine if a lead generation landing page which gathers consumer contact information would better benefit your company based on your goals. Landing pages can be a powerful marketing tool and the right design can determine its success.

Mobile Website Design

Create a mobile website with better usability and advanced implementation.

More consumers are buying online with their mobile devices than ever before. Don't let them get bogged down and discouraged with a site that isn't optimized for mobile use. Our mobile website designs take into consideration the type of devices and browsers your consumers use most in order to build a more favorable site for better interaction. Sites for mobile devices aren't just simplified websites they are digitally cultivated for an enhanced browsing experience.

Website Design

A website is the face of your online presence.

In the world of websites and design, looks can be everything. Web user behavior monitoring shows that many people only spend a few moments on a website before deciding whether or not to shop, register or click away to another site. Don't let your website give a bad first impression and drive visitors to your competition. Our Gainesville designers will create a site that fits your company's brand while attracting visitors and streamlining call-to-action processes.

Website ReDesign

Reimagine your website and breathe new life into your sales.

Outdated sites may be the most obvious reason for website redesign, but studies show that periodic website changes can help drive traffic to your company and boost your brand awareness. Unveiling a new look gives your company the opportunity to remarket itself and stay relevant in the industry as well as increasing positive reviews. From minor tweaks to complete overhauls, our innovative designs will keep your site visitors coming back for more.

Google Analytics

Find out what Google knows about your site and how you can improve it.

This service provided by Google generates information and specifics about your company's website traffic and the way that traffic finds your site. Conversions, sales and web browsing behaviors are also compiled which make Google Analytics a powerful tool in understanding your online presence. Our Google Analytics experts are certified in reading and understanding this data as well as creating and implementing best practices to use the information to your company's advantage.

Google Webmaster Tools

Valuable data straight from the search engine giant.

Companies that take advantage of the resources provided by Google Webmaster Tools can gain better understanding about Google's indexing method and how it identifies or rates poor websites. Our team will go over the data obtained through the Webmaster Tools to show you any weaknesses of your website, such as broken links, site errors, malware monitoring, potential spamming and more. Through our management system, we can handle many of these weaknesses before they begin to negatively affect your website.

Content Management Systems

Editing, updating and website management made easy.

A simplified way to oversee the many features of your site can help keep your website relevant through scheduled updates and routine site maintenance. These web applications allow your company the ability to post content or add links without back-end coding knowledge and are especially useful when more than one person needs access to the site. Our teams can work with you to manage your site or we can handle it all for you.

Moz Integration

Increase your visibility on relevant business listings and build your online brand.

Through Moz integration, we can improve the way your company monitors negative feedback, increase the ways consumers can reach your website, and increase your website traffic. It's even possible to increase sales and conversion by attracting the right visitors and avoiding accidental visitors. Moz is a trusted inbound marketing leader that has served more than 25,000 businesses. We can help your company determine which features of Moz integration will help your business grow.

Website Security

There's more than one way to promote your business.

Moz is an industry leader in providing location data management tools, analytics, and Internet marketing tools. These proven tools of success are aimed at promoting your business through local listings and search engine rankings while providing you with valuable data to measure and improve your marketing strategies. We will help you determine which of the many Moz integration features will best fit with your company's long-term goals and sales projections.

Local Marketing vs SEO vs PPC

Which one should your company choose?

These three marketing strategies are all valuable in their own way, and while some may say it's better to choose one over the other, it is possible for a company to utilize each marketing tool at the same time to reach different outcomes. By balancing local marketing, search engine optimization and pay-per-click strategies, your company may reach more potential consumers, increase conversion and build brand awareness. We will help you determine which strategy will work for each of your company's marketing campaigns.

What is a mobile website and responsive design?

You can have one without the other.

Websites that utilize responsive designs are optimized for a plethora of browsing devices, including desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, notebooks and laptops. These sites automatically sense the dimensions and browsers being used and arrange the website layout for a better browsing experience. Mobile websites are sites created specifically for mobile devices. They are separate from a full-site and are often streamlined for better loading times. Which type of websites will appeal to your consumers and help your business grow?

White Hat vs Black Hat SEO

It's all about the target audience.

These SEO strategies target two different kind of audiences: White Hat SEO targets human audiences while Black Hat SEO targets search engines (non-humans). Why the different tactics? Well, it's likely because human audiences can spot spam and shady websites better than search engine algorithms. White Hat tactics include link building, search engine optimized content, design and marketing campaigns to appeal to consumers while providing relevant information. Black Hat tactics often resort to spamming, using unrelated keywords and even using hidden words on the page to trick search engines for better rankings.

Google algorithm updates history

How Google keeps changing the formula for a successful website.

The majority of Google's algorithm changes are small and many website owners never notice a difference. But some of Google's larger changes can have far-reaching implications and negative effects on many sites. That's why it's imperative to stay abreast on algorithm updates. Google is constantly refining and updating it's algorithms in order to better serve the people who perform web searches. To Google, the better the search returns, the happier the searchers will be, and that's good for Google's business.

Penguins, Pandas, Hummingbird and Google

The big names in Google's algorithms.

Google's most impacting changes to its algorithms have been released with names like Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird. The implementation of each have made tech news headlines because of how drastic the effects were on thousands of businesses. Sites that were legitimate but had disorganized content fell with Panda's release in 2011. Black Hat strategies cost websites their rankings and credibility with Penguin in 2012. And in 2013, Hummingbird took aim at the intent behind the words used in search engines.

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