SEO Audits

If your company's website is not ranking on the leading search engines, an SEO audit can identify any trouble areas in order to boost your position. Online Potential's experts in search engine optimization will give you a careful analysis of your site along with an actionable plan to implement changes.

Whether you're company has just started its venture or you already have a vast consumer base, ranking well on search engine results should be a priority. You may think that since you have a lot of loyal customers it doesn't matter where your site appears on a simple search. But consider this: websites who are listed after the second page of results are more often considered spam, fraudulent, and untrustworthy. Those who are performing web searches assume that if a company is reputable and highly recommended by others that it will appear at the top of the list – no need to scroll down or head to even the second page of results.

Improving your company's search engine ranking will not only boost your online reputation, it can increase brand awareness which may drive new customers through your doors or to your website. Consumers who may not be aware of your brand will begin seeing your company's website near the top of the search engine results which can be the first step in growing your company's consumer base. An SEO audit can also get your company included on local listings so your business is easier to find.

Benefits of an SEO Audit:

  • Find out if your website is being penalized by the big search engines.
  • Increase search engine optimization through better, more concise content.
  • Identify broken or duplicate links.
  • Assess your company's online reputation.
  • Streamline your website so it's easier to use and understand.

Online Potential's SEO Audit Process

A thorough SEO audit takes time in order to fully see the broad scope of your website, analyze our findings, create a custom search engine optimization plan, and implement those changes. Lastly, we monitor the results to ensure your company is moving up the list in search engine rankings. Our process is complete, confidential, and trustworthy.

With Gainesville's Online Potential auditing your website, you can expect:

  • an extensive Internet crawl in search of any websites, pages, reviews, blogs, and social media accounts that may influence your company's ranking;
  • an in-depth analysis of the data we find by our SEO experts. We take into consideration the availability of information, credibility of the content, and how your site is being indexed by the search engines;
  • an explanation of search engine penalties and a comprehensive plan to address and fix each penalty;
  • a review of on-page opportunities for optimization, which includes individual web pages as well as the entirety of the domain; and
  • a look at off-page, or external, factors that influence your website's popularity.

Once the SEO audit is complete, we'll create a plan of action that will work best for your company. This may include adding or rewriting website content; adding or removing links, or repairing broken links; and managing your off-page reputation. Contact us today to find out how Online Potential can help your business grow.

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