Landing Page Design

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a website that does not originate from your company's site or from search engine results. It is a specific page created for one of two goals: to receive traffic from pay-per-click ads with the purpose of making a sale or sending that traffic to your website; or to invite visitors to your social media page to follow, like or advocate your site.

Despite the amount of traffic your website receives, you may not be getting the sales and conversion that your company needs. A landing page can help raise conversion rates by directing interested and potential consumers to you. Pay-per-click pages are designed with specific goals in mind so that they don't become cluttered or bogged down with information. Landing pages aren't secondary websites – they are more like full-page advertisements that typically include pertinent information regarding your company's products or services, contact information, and a call-to-action. Call-to-actions are prompts for consumers which can include filling out a registration form, requesting a quote, making a purchase, or downloading information. A call-to-action on a social media landing page would include a prompt for visitors to like, follow, discuss, or share your company, page, or post.

How Does It Work?

Visitors reach your company's landing page by clicking on pay-per-click ads or through social media pages. Online Potential's marketing experts will analyze your websites and work with you to discover the goals of your company. Along with our design team and writers, we will construct landing pages based on the needs of your company at the present. Remember, your company's needs change, so at times a pay-per-click landing page may work best, but other promotions could be better suited for social media pages.

Pay-per-click pages are unique because it allows us to track and analyze your company's online marketing campaigns through traffic and conversions. Because this information is readily available, you can adjust your advertisements and marketing as needed to reach your full potential and grow your company. These type of landing pages can also stand alone, meaning they don't link back to your website. They offer visitors the opportunity to make the purchase, or any other call-to-action, immediately. An important aspect of a pay-per-click landing page is that it's credible. Consumers are judging your pages with one look, and they won't stick around to determine if you're company is legit. An effective landing page design can put any fears to rest while establishing your company's reputation.

Social media landing pages are better suited for personal connections to your consumers, for content that you want to go viral, or for building an online community around your brand. These types of landing pages generally link back to your website so that consumers can easily learn more about your company. You can target your ideal audience while also gaining the benefit of word-of-mouth whenever your page is shared.

Online Potential's Landing Page Expertise

Why should you let Online Potential, a Gainesville-based company, take the reins on your landing page optimization? We have a proven track record of innovative designs, content and ideas that can turn a static online marketing campaign into a money-making venture. Let us do the work of creating, implementing and updating landing pages for you so you are free to focus on the bottom line.

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