Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance includes the regular site monitoring for changes that align to new marketing strategies and company planning, allowing your company to send updates to us for quick results, and regular content and site updates that improve functionality and invite traffic to your site. Online Potential can handle all of your website’s maintenance to keep your company on the right track and keep your consumers coming back to see what’s new.

Why Maintenance is Important

There are plenty of benefits of having Online Potential handle your website maintenance. For starters, we can take care of minor site changes and information updates that come with the changing seasons and sales promotions. By freeing up your time to focus on the business and leaving the website to us, we can help your business grow both online and in-store.

Another advantage to letting us manage your site is that our website maintenance incorporates our SEO strategies and expertise. We can create custom blogs for your company and update your site with this new content so your site stays fresh and relevant as well as garnering more site traffic and better search engine rankings.

Google’s algorithm, years ago, ranked sites favorably based on the frequency of updates and site maintenance. At the time, the algorithm was not very advanced, and the general findings were that sites which were frequently updated were providing relevant information to visitors. That obviously is no longer the case.

With the swift expansion of the Internet, companies can add pages upon pages of new content to their site every day. The likelihood that the content is high-quality is questionable, which is why Google’s algorithm has grown to out those sites that update with low-quality material. The bottom line is that any old update is not going to help your rankings -- Google requires quality, informative content on all of the pages of a website. A “freshness” tracking algorithm of Google’s also looks for recent information in order to better serve those are doing the queries.

Build Trust With Your Site Visitors

You should never let your website become static. Although you may not need a site redesign, you should be re-evaluating the content on your site to ensure it does not become outdated or inaccurate. It’s possible to add links and small sections of content to a previously published blog when new information comes to light, as well as rewriting an entire page of content if service or product details change or become obsolete. Consumers expect your website content to be factual and reliable.

Website maintenance also includes ensuring your company’s website functions properly. Outdated plugins or Content Management Systems can lead to broken links, pages not found, and a lot of frustration for site visitors. If you have an issue, contact us right away and our website managers can fix it for you quickly. And if we find any issues during our regular site reviews, we can take care of it immediately, before your web traffic has the chance to react.

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