Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization has become a common workplace phrase. It's on the tongues of every leader, public relations officer, and marketing manager. But what is SEO, and how can you utilize it to your company's advantage?

SEO is the process of promoting a website in such a way that it increases visitors while ranking favorably on search engine results. Each facet of SEO can affect your website differently, but together as a whole, it can increase your audience base, drive consumers to your website, and build a better online reputation for your Florida-based business.

Why Does My Company Need SEO?

If you're familiar with SEO practices, then you already know how important SEO is to every company's online presence. You can't be the top in your field without a little help from SEO. Search engines are the major highways of the Internet. They point to site links that best fit a person's search, so you want your company to be viewed favorably by the top search engines – Google, Yahoo! and Bing – so more people are directed to your site.

Search engines use algorithms to identify your site and rank it. Yes, they are judging you because they make money by providing the best links to their users. There are a lot of aspects to a search engine's algorithm to decide whether or not a site is legitimate and trustworthy. They use site links, keywords, outside links, and more and place the information within guidelines and parameters. The better a site fits within the set parameters, the higher the site may rank on search engine results. Using keywords vital to your industry can help search engines identify your site when a consumer searches those terms. But search engines can penalize a site if the search engine determines the keywords are being spammed or integrated in less ethical ways. Even reputable companies may fall victim to disreputable practices without the appropriate knowledge of SEO.

Online Potential's SEO Strategy

We have a cyclical process to create a tailored SEO strategy for your company. Because of the nature of this process, it is an ever-changing system of proven and effective steps for your company that can carry you into a future of successful online marketing.

  • Establish Goals. What are your company's goals? If needed, we can work with you to help identify and establish your goals so you have a way to measure your success.

  • Detailed Analysis and Keyword Research. We'll meet with you to ensure your website presence is in line with your company's goals as well as the market trends. By identifying market keywords, Online Potential can help your company be on the cutting edge of the industry instead of buried in search engine rankings.

  • Onsite Optimization and Content Marketing. What is your content saying about your website? An integral part of SEO is making sure your content is accurate, informative and free of errors. Search engines also look at the way your company's website is constructed and whether or not outside sources link to your site. By taking a close look at your site, and analyzing your resources, we can help you appear more trustworthy to search engines without any gimmicks – just thorough, proven, hard work.

  • Measure, Report & Adjust. We'll check your rankings, see how well each aspect of SEO is working for your company, and make adjustments as needed. Search engine optimization is not a one-time fix-all – it evolves and changes with your audience and with your growing Florida business.

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