Custom Infographic Design

The written word can be compelling and creative, while graphics are often informative and contain powerful images. Infographics are the best of both worlds, presenting data in a way that is easy for the vast majority of readers to understand. Infographics are used in a multitude of media, whether they highlight information from a news article or present research in a commercial. Businesses are finding that infographics are an effective and innovative way to reach their target audience online.

Traits of An Effective Infographic

The best infographics present all the information a reader needs to learn about a product or issue or make an informed decision. They include clear, concise data in a visually-appealing way so that they draw readers in while also proving to be a credible source of information.

Any company can incorporate infographics into their daily data in order to create a connection with their audience. Online Potential's team of designers are accustomed to creating trending graphics that go above and beyond your typical pie chart. And we don't just stop at creating the infographic. Our marketing experts can promote your content so that it can be seen by your target audience and has a higher chance of going viral.

The majority of people – 65 percent – are visual learners. This means that these people learn most effectively through images they see while being presented information. Infographics are ideal for this type of learners because it gives them visual cues while presenting written data. When your company's logo and motto are presented alongside an effective infographic, readers will remember your company as well as the message.

Why Choose An Infographic?


Readers will choose an infographic over a 500-word article any day. Why? Because our culture has become immersed in instant-gratification and the need of doing, learning, and receiving information in the matter of seconds. Infographics grab the reader's attention and gives them all the pertinent information in a fraction of the space that an article would require. Infographics can be used to direct readers to your website, a blog, or an article to learn more information. But readers are more likely to absorb the data presented by an infographic than they are to retain information read hastily on their smartphone.

Search engine optimization

Infographics can be linked to a website, blog, social media profile, or any other page you prefer. They are ideal for search engine ranking improvements due to the fact that the information is reliable, the graphics draw the attention of the readers, and they are optimal for sharing through social media.


Every infographic is different, just like each business is different. Online Potential knows this, and we can create an infographic that speaks to your audience about your company using images that pertain to your industry. Our designers are creative and nothing is taboo is if can get your marketing campaign where it needs to be to see your business grow. From sleek and simple designs to the avant-garde displaying complex information, we know we can design the perfect infographic for your business, again and again.

Online Potential has several infographic design packages from which your company can choose. Contact us today to rethink your data presentation and create something worth talking about.

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