Online Press Release

Benefits of Publishing Online Press Releases

  1. Increase public opinion of your company.
  2. Increase traffic to your company's website.

Public Opinion

There are several benefits your company can receive through posting online press releases to your website and shopping the releases to other sites. A major benefit is how those press releases can influence public opinion of your business.

First, there is the importance of appearing transparent. Corporate transparency, even through a seemingly simple press release, can alleviate fears or accusations. Press releases provide your company with a platform to inform your consumers of changes within the company; upcoming promotions and sales; quarterly performance; staffing changes that can impact your company or investors; company events or charity drives; your company's response to a relevant issue of the industry; and more. In each of those examples, there is an opportunity to provide information to the public while promoting your company in a positive way. Companies that are forthcoming with information are viewed in a more favorable light, even when that information is negative – such as layoffs or poor performance reports. Online Potential's team of writers are experienced in many forms of communication and media so we can tailor your online press releases to the type of announcement and the recipients.

Increase Web Traffic

By having a dedicated news section for your company, you can provide up-to-date information that may interest your consumers, investors and employees. Posting your company's press releases to your website is also a way to build links. Other websites can now link directly to the release, which is sitting on your site.

Press releases also provide accurate information straight from the source. Consumers who want more information on a specific product or issue can search through online press releases to get the facts from your company. Info that comes straight from the source is considered more reliable material, which can then boost the company's reputation while driving traffic to your site.

Online press releases are also “shopped” to bloggers, online magazines, online news sources, and online communities with relevance to the industry. These sites may post the press release itself, write a blog about the press release, or write a full article about the press release topic. All three of these methods can help build your brand and raise awareness of your company. Blogs and articles will of course be a more thorough, and likely more visible, response to the press release. But online communities and forums can provide your company with relevant feedback. It's important that your company's press releases are well-written because it is not uncommon for bloggers, magazines and news organizations to quote material from a press release. Online Potential is experienced in writing local and regional press releases that your company can post and share with confidence.

Internet Marketing Strategies

A comprehensive public relations strategy includes more than just online press releases. Rather, they are one branch of the ever-growing tree that is online marketing. Online Potential can help your business grow through effective marketing strategies that include successful and informative online press releases. Contact us today to boost your company's public image.

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