Content Experiments

Content Experiments are a powerful piece of marketing and consumer feedback. These are versions of web pages that are pitted against each other to find out which will outperform. Based on goals set by your company through Google Analytics, you can see which pages reach or exceed the goal as well as other important data.

There are several features of a web page that can be pivotal when it comes to sales and conversion. Online Potential can create separate versions of any web page and test the following elements: headers and headlines; text; calls-to-action; graphics, icons and images; and page design. While it may not seem like a specific image or where content is placed on the layout could sway a consumer's choice to buy, businesses often find that consumer behaviors are greatly influenced by what they see and read and how the information is presented.

It is recommend to only experiment with one page element at a time. This will give you the best results, otherwise, you may not be able to pinpoint which element or combination of elements truly gives you the best results. Online Potential will work with you to determine which page element or elements should be used first in the experiment.

How to Setup Content Experiments with Online Potential

Content Experiments are an available feature through Google Analytics. The online program guides you through creating experiments by first setting goals. What do you hope to learn or accomplish through the experiment? Among these goals, it is possible to measure how successful a web page is at leading readers to the next page, otherwise known as destination goals, or focus site visitors to perform a certain action on the page with an event goal.

Google Analytics also allows you to turn on notifications for changes or save the experiment for later if you aren't ready for it to run. And it is possible to experiment with up to 10 versions of the base page. So for example, if you want to run Content Experiments on your landing page, you can evaluate a metric or goal for that page and the 10 variations.

Once you decide which page and variations you'd like to experiment with, Online Potential will add the necessary code to your pages. This experiment code works with Google Analytics so that your results will be reflected correctly. Then you can sit back and watch the data roll in and receive notifications about the experiments. This is an easy way to track site visits and conversion rates of each site in the experiment to determine which features will give you the best performance.

Benefits of Content Experiments

Online Potential will show you how these experiments can improve your conversion and grow your business. Because of the different page elements that can be experimented with, the overall process will take time, but the end result could mean valuable profit for your business. Content Experiments allow you to see exactly what works with your consumers and how likely they are to complete calls-to-action. It can be tricky process, but we're here to guide you along the way.

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