Local SEO

Local search engine optimization is a way for your business or organization to advertise and market in a specific area. Much like local television advertisements, local SEO is customized to appeal to your target audience in a target location. But in an age where there are countless ways to skip the commercials, online local SEO becomes even more important for your marketing success.

The days of the phone book and 411 directory are over – the majority of consumers use Google, or another search engine, to search for a local Florida business online. And if you aren't listed in the results, your customers are doing their business elsewhere. When a person searches for goods or services based on location, search engines return results based on relevant keywords, location, and reviews. This allows consumers to find what they are looking for while determining whether a business is reputable, reliable, and accessible. One of the worst things you can do to your business is not appear on a local search.

How Can Online Potential Help with Local SEO?

Online Potential can assess your current marketing strategies and SEO practices to determine whether you are effectively using local or global SEO. Local optimization puts your company on relevant listings, in the proper geographic locations, for better results. This includes getting your organization on local Gainesville listings, which can drive more traffic to your site and through your door.

Is Local SEO Right for My Company?

  • Do you want to be listed on Google Maps search returns?
  • Do you provide goods or services to a specific area?
  • Is your target audience located within a specific area?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, local search engine optimization may be right for your business. Even if your website appears in the top rankings of search engine results, you may want to take advantage of local SEO practices. Why? Search engines are in the business of providing relevant links to their users. Based on the search terms and user behavior, search engines often list local results to better serve users. What if your company could appear in the No. 1 spot on a search result, with an accompanying Google Maps listing to show users where you're located. You've not only met the search requirements, but in an instant, you've given consumers a visual representation of where you're located. This is a huge advantage that your company should be leveraging.

Local businesses, large and small, utilize local SEO to make personal connections with their customers. A national chain restaurant can easily be the local hotspot with the right online marketing strategy. Consumers will be saying, “it isn't just a restaurant, it's our restaurant.” With the right local marketing, any business can form a more personal bond with its consumers so they are more likely to be repeat customers, write positive online reviews, and recommend your company to their family and friends. Connecting with your local patrons is important. With a local optimization plan, you can upload photos and videos to reach, connect with, and invite your customers to your on-site store or online business.

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