Creating Content For Your Audience

If you want to increase the web generated revenue for your company, you have to have amazing content. Writing quality material for a website is no easy task but by following a few easy steps, you can gain greater exposure, a larger clientele, and receive a higher return on your investment.

Creating Content for Your Audience

The trick to quality content is knowing your audience and interacting with them. Too many companies shy away from this, fearing to appear out of touch with online audiences. Some in charge of social media may feel awkward, even silly, engaging in conversation online with people who they do not know. If you are allowing these feelings to govern your content decisions, you’re doing it all wrong.

Effective content marketing is more than just jotting down extraneous words to fill up your site and meet word limits. In fact, by doing this, you may only be creating havoc on your site, including content that is redundant, outdated and trivial (R.O.T.). Your company won't succeed this way. You have to find creative ways to get your ideas across to people in a way that is amusing and gravitating.

By being different, entertaining your customers, staying updated on research and using social media to your company’s advantage, you can achieve the perfect content for your audience.

Be Unique!

When drafting content for your site, do not be afraid to be different. So many company websites (especially those that are in the same industries) have content that is almost identical. If you desire to persuade people to buy your products and utilize your services, you have to set yourself apart.

You do not have to have typical words on your website such as “Add this item” or any other typical words/terms/phrases. Discover ways to say the same things that others are saying. You may wish to add punctuation behind phrases such as exclamation marks or even emojis to represent basic phrases. Be unique!

Entertain Your Customers

Most online users browse through websites on their phone or other mobile device. They may be on their lunch break, exercising, or lounging in bed. Online users may be filtering through hundreds of pages of content, pictures and supplies, which can become tedious after awhile. However, if you find ways to keep your online users entertained, they will have a more pleasant browsing experience.

The happier your online customers are, the more likely they will spend money and revisit your site! Do not be afraid to employ light humor, song lyrics, memes or popular phrases/slang on your site. If it’s trending, you may see an uptick in likes, followings and site traffic. This will show your audience that you are in touch with what’s going on in society. It will also give your company a better personality.

Do Your Research

You should always stay well-informed about the latest updates in your field. Go out of your way to find out everything there is to know. But do not just stop there. Look to your competitors. Figure out how they engage their audiences online and study their methods. Determine what works and what does not work. Then, create a system that builds off of theirs.

By no means should you copy off of your competitors or steal their ideas, but there are ways to transform a simple idea into a multifaceted asset for your company. Always keep your “enemies” close.

Social Media is Your Friend: Capitalize Off of It

If you are still freaking out about the strong reliance on social media during today’s times, it is time to stop complaining and join the bandwagon. Outlets such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram may be destroying our social skills, but they can certainly increase your company’s reputation and gain you greater revenue.

When used appropriately, social media outlets allow you to market your company with minimal effort. Post simple, concise statuses and post pictures. Allow your audience to stay updated with everything (or at least the major sales and offers) that is happening in your store. Pay close attention to what your online users are liking, sharing, re-posting and favoriting. This can give you an idea as to what your audience is like and what they are looking for.

Look at the comments that your online users post. Respond to their questions or simply thank them for checking out your site.

The possibilities are truly endless with social media marketing. By studying your audience’s behavior on social media, one of the most commonly used applications around the world, you will gain keen insight into what your users desire. This will hopefully spark ideas and guidance for your content.

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