A/B Testing & Optimization

A/B Testing and Optimization takes Content Experiments a few steps further by testing entire websites against different versions of the same website. The data collected from A/B Testing is just as important as Content Experiments, and Online Potential in Gainesville can show you just how valuable these tests really are.

What is A/B Testing and How Can it Help My Company?

With A/B Testing, we create different versions of your website and test one of these versions against a control site, which is generally your company's current website. The goal is to divide traffic evenly between the two sites so you can collect data such as visitor behavior and conversions. It is important to understand that A/B Testing uses only two sites – a control that doesn't vary and a test site which you can change after each test. Comparing more than two sites can lead to splitting up your site traffic too much, reducing the reliability of test results and skewing numbers.

Online Potential uses the information collected through the testing process to determine the bigger picture. We deduce the reasons one site had more conversions over the other site and why customers lingered on one site. It's easy to see how Content Experiments can be useful in A/B Testings. If you experiment with different page elements prior to testing on the full site, you can find out which page elements consumers prefer. We'll take the best elements of each Content Experiment and create test websites to pit against your company's current site. All of this can lead to extremely successful website redesigns especially when you focus on one goal, such as conversion.

Of course, Content Experiments are not required for successful A/B Testing if you prefer to go a route that doesn't involve Google Analytics. We're here to help you figure out which analytics and development paths will lead your company to growth.

Once all of the testing is completed, and you have the results that will increase site traffic and sales, we implement the changes in a redesign of your site. This allows Online Potential to optimize your website based on only the top-performing testing and experimenting results.

Let Online Potential Whip Your Website into Shape

We offer our clients everything they need to get their website in peak performance. It's possible to conduct A/B Testing on your own and try to implement changes in order to optimize your site, but it can be difficult to collect the data without the right tools, and many people are not able to accurately interpret that data. Our SEO experts can handle all of that for you, from working with you and testing the right site features to collecting the data after each test. And we can accurately interpret all of the data to ensure the correct adjustments are made.

We may not be able to get the kind of results you want with just one testing. There are a lot of variables that can lead to unfavorable test results, such as not receiving enough site visitors. Multiple testing can be performed and we'll keep at it until you're satisfied with the resulting data.

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