Conversion Design

Conversion rates can be the bane of existence for a sales-driven workplace. Just a few browsers can really skew the numbers, and have you ever seen the fallout when a group of high schoolers walk into a store just to kill time?

Online conversion rates can be just as fragile. For companies that rely on submitted registration or quote forms, uninterested visitors, or those who decide to take their business elsewhere, can lead to ruins. While nearly everyone will tell you that pay-per-click advertising is the way to combat low conversion rates, few realize that a website's design can be altered to improve sales and conversions. Our design team, writers, editors and analysts know how to transform your site for sales-driven results.

What is Conversion Design?

Conversion design focuses on the goal of your company. Whether its registrations, contact us forms, quotes, or sales, your website design can impact those goals. Online Potential uses several online marketing tools so that your site is not only attractive but also useful in ways to help raise your conversion rate and increase sales.

When online sales goals are the key to your company's success, website design aesthetics become secondary to the site's functionality. User experience is often the reason a person does not purchase an item online. The shopping cart may glitch, registration forms don't retain information, or a link does not work properly and ends in a 404 error. With all the competition available, there's little stopping your customers from moving on rather than sending information over and over again. That's something you can't afford to let happen, which is why function rises over form when conversion is on the line.

  • Functionality. Conversion- and sales-driven websites need to be functional above all else. If consumers cannot register, check-out, or request a quote, the website is essentially useless. Our website design team has extensive knowledge of proven conversion design techniques so that your website features can truly serve your visitors.
  • Website design. Consumers prefer websites that are clear and easy to read. Is your information available and easy to spot on the page? Can site visitors see your call-to-action without further click-throughs? Do your website colors create a distraction? Does your website follow the 508 Compliance guidelines for color-blindness? Do graphics get in the way of the text?
  • Credibility and reliability. First-time customers are more likely to read consumer reviews before purchasing. It's important to provide these resources on your site to keep consumers from leaving.

Online Potential can track online behaviors to determine the most effective conversion strategy for your company. Among the extensive data we collect, we look at how your visitors are getting to your sites, which pay-per-click ads they favor, which site features they use, and how far into the buying/registering process they get before they move on. Our conversion optimization allows us to identify ways to bring in customers that are more likely to register or buy so that your company has an immediate advantage. We also identify weak points in website design, search engine optimization, and mobile browser interface to ensure your customers are receiving a high-quality online experience.

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