There are 2.4 billion Internet users worldwide, and more than 80 percent of Internet users have purchased something online. Online transactions and trading are no longer the way of the future but the way of today. If your online company isn't optimized, then you're missing out on a lot of potential business.

Mobile optimization is a must-have for any successful online business. More people are online every day, and people are more likely to shop online every time they make a purchase. The website of your business must be capable of handling the traffic and functioning properly no matter what kind of mobile device is being used. And don't forget about mobile advertising – 90 percent of adults in America have a cell phone. Whether they're performing web searches or checking their email, they could be seeing your mobile advertisements if you contact Online Potential today.

Online Potential's eCommerce development is a proven Internet marketing strategy to increase conversion and sales while increasing brand awareness. We provide the resources necessary to ensure your eCommerce campaign is extensive yet complete. From website analysis to sales conversions, our expert team of programmers, designers, writers, editors, and public relations representatives have the knowledge and skills to help your company every step of the way.

Online Potential eCommerce Solutions

When you partner with Online Potential, you aren't just getting search engine optimization support. We are with you fully because we want to see your eCommerce business grow.

We offer:

  • analysis of existing websites
  • search engine optimization
  • maintenance of websites, blogs, and social media
  • mobile website design
  • marketing campaigns customized to mobile device users
  • social media management
  • analytics and development, and
  • a close inspection of conversion design

The first step of any successful eCommerce marketing strategy is analysis. Online Potential will look at your company's online presence as a whole to find out how search engines are indexing your websites. This process allows us to find any weaknesses your sites may have as well as if a search engine is unfairly penalizing your sites. Then we optimize everything. From advertisements and landing pages to websites and blogs, every aspect of your online brand will be optimized to reach your target audience. After all, eCommerce businesses must focus on the right audience or you can end up driving the wrong kind of traffic to your site, wasting advertising dollars and dwindling your return on investment. We can also manage your advertising campaigns with pay-per-click, email, and banner advertising.

Online Potential also offers website maintenance. We keep your site updated and fresh with new information to encourage potential consumers to visit your site regularly. Our team can set up social media profiles for your company so your consumers can find you with ease, and we can manage your business blog while you focus on sales.

Once we have your company set up with a customized eCommerce marketing campaign, we monitor and analyze the results. Successful Internet marketing strategies are constantly evolving, so we track what is working for your company and change what isn't so your company can grow to its full potential.

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