Website ReDesign

Redesign, makeover, update – whatever you call it, it means one thing: new business potential.

Is your website performing to its full potential? You want your company website to be a true digital representation of your brick-and-mortar business. And while you may have traditions and longstanding standards for which your company is known, we all know that change and innovation can breathe new life into a business. In the same way, a website redesign can give you a refreshing new site while keeping the key elements of your company's online brand.

Reasons for a ReDesign:

  • Invite customers back with a refreshing, new look. People are curious in nature, and your loyal customer base will want to see your new design unveiled.
  • Grab the attention of new customers. Previous site visitors may have chosen to do business elsewhere because they preferred another site. Other consumers may not have had the opportunity to view your website previously. Your company can get the attention of both of these audiences with a website redesign.
  • Streamline your site so registrations, shopping or gathering information can be done more effectively. Seemingly small adjustments to your site can quickly turn into big revenue.
  • Content, content, content! New content will prompt visitors to return more often. It also ensures your current content doesn't become out-of-date or static.
  • Increase your brand awareness Incorporate other online market resources into a redesign for a seamless transition. For example, by implementing search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and local SEO tactics, you can bring in new customers and grow your brand.

A website redesign doesn't mean that your current site is poorly made or isn't working. While some websites need a major overhaul, other sites just require some spring cleaning. Eliminating duplicate page links, updating content and contact information, and adding new images in the rotation can improve user interface as well as online reviews.

Brick-and-mortar stores redesign the floor and window displays constantly. Décor, styles and products rotate through the seasons and customers always flock to see the changes. Your company can have the same effect online with a redesign. A simple redesign can quickly become the season's hottest marketing campaign when you draw attention to the redesign and make it an online event not to be missed. The new face of your company can be celebrated and flaunted as part of your online marketing strategy.

Consider a Website ReDesign to Grow Your Business

If your sales have dwindled or leveled off, it could be the fault of your website. A website can be one of the most dangerous marketing tools at your disposable. If effective, you can grow your business by expanding your customer base and staying relevant in the industry. But an ineffective website can hurt your business by turning away customers, driving them to your competitors.

Online Potential has the skills and industry expertise to analyze your website to find the trouble spots. Is your information out of date? Does your coding need a tune-up? We'll find out what's working for you and your consumers and what needs to be altered to put you back in the running. Each redesign is company-specific because we use data analysis, feedback, and your own goals to create an updated website.

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