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Online Potential knows you’re busy. And we know your consumers want prompt service without hesitation. We approach the hectic world of varying schedules and on-the-go lifestyles with a plan for success through Live Chat & Interaction.

What is Live Chat?

Live Chat is an online conversation technology that allows your consumers the ability to instantly connect with a customer service representative. There are hundreds of reasons a consumer may need to contact your company, and there are plenty of reasons millions of consumers prefer the Live Chat option.

What’s the best feature of Live Chat? To your consumers, it’s probably the ability to contact a representative quickly. Even if the customer is “put on hold” while the attending agent looks into a matter or has to refer to a manager or another department on an issue, the customer isn’t wasting phone minutes or running up their phone bill. They also aren’t subjected to questionable hold music. They are free to continue using the Internet in those few moments where a Live Chat agent retrieves valuable answers and information.

It wasn’t too long ago that some consumers were left out of the loop if their phones weren’t capable of touch-tone dialing. Now, people overwhelm themselves on a daily basis, so wading through a detailed call menu outline to find the appropriate department is more frustrating than helpful. Live Chat eliminates all the consumer frustrations that are typically found on the phone.

Live Chats also provide a record of communication. Even on recorded calls, mumbling or static can make it difficult for one party to understand the other. These chats are often logged, but more importantly, they are written out to make it easier for both parties to understand. Consumers who are hard of hearing are able to utilize Live Chat without the assistance of a text telephone (TTY).

How Can Live Chat Help Your Business Grow?

  • It all comes down to the bottom line: money. Live Chat is more cost-effective because it does not require an extensive company phone network to be in place.
  • A chat program can be instantly integrated to your website. There’s no waiting on a technician or repairman to come during broad time periods throughout the day.
  • Anyone can be your customer service representative. Whether in-house or off-shore, your CS agents are able to serve your customers without fear of prejudice. Heavy accents or cultural bias can be difficult to handle on the phone and often ends with one party becoming rude. Avoid the negative feelings and switch to Live Chat.
  • You can wait for a customer to contact the company, with any number of questions or concerns, or you can contact the customer. Our chat features the ability to offer a chat session with your experts to help the customer shop, decide on products or services, or answer questions along the way.
  • No extra software is required for consumers to use Online Potential’s chat systems.

The majority of businesses have integrated Live Chat to their websites with great success. It’s easy to find chat sessions that have gone viral due to excellent service and a personal connection between the agent and the consumer. Don’t pass up this opportunity to connect with your consumers. Call Online Potential today and have your Live Chat up and running soon.

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