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The Internet has been the most powerful platform for marketing and business growth in the last 25 years. More people are online every day, and 52 percent of Americans use mobile phones to send and receive email. In 2006, study participants admitted to checking their email every hour, but researchers who oversaw the study reported participants actually checked their email every five minutes. That was back in 2006 – think of how many more people now have access to email throughout the day. We check our email at work, at home, in the car, while shopping and dining, and even in the bathroom. And when you take into consideration that 58 percent of adults in America have smartphones, it's likely they are doing a fair amount of web browsing as well.

Businesses can use the over-saturation of the Internet in our daily lives to their advantage. Email marketing campaigns are extremely effective in increasing brand awareness and driving sales to the company's website. Email campaigns can even push more consumers through your physical doors with in-store promotions.

Most people can receive a hundred emails or more a day. But perhaps not surprising, not every email is read. That's where email design becomes extremely important. In order to increase the chances of your company's email being read, every aspect of the email should be taken into design consideration. Successful company emails have credible return addresses than incorporate the company's name so it is easily identifiable. Subject lines should be relevant to only the most important piece of information found in the email. Long subject lines are often overlooked, so you want to make sure the pertinent info come first.

The design of the body of the email can make or break your email campaign. Even an accidental click on an email can lead to a sale if you grab the reader's attention immediately and draw them into your preferred call-to-action. The majority of email designs are meant to push traffic to a website for a promotion or clearance sale. Online Potential's email templates can help streamline your important information for a good looking package that is hard to turn away. Let our designers and programmers create the perfect email template for each of your events, promotions, and newsletter needs.

Behold the Banners of the Internet

Banner advertising doesn't reach the level of personalization that email marketing can, but it does have the opportunity to reach a wider audience. While email campaigns are sent only to those who have provided their email address to your company, a banner advertisement can be seen by anyone conducting a search or visiting a specific site where you ad is displayed.

With Online Potential, you can display customized banner ads across the Internet on sites where your target audience is most likely to see them. Our experienced designers can create graphics, logos, gifs, and infographics for your banners, or we can redesign your existing banners for a fresh start to a new season. We have a variety of predetermined sizes from which you can choose to best represent the information you want to include. Let Online Potential extend your company's reach to every corner of the Internet through email and banner advertising.

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