Website Design

A website is the online face of your company. You want your visitors to make a connection with your online persona just as they would make a connection with your employee on-site. There are three features of web design that businesses can utilize to connect to online visitors, and all three are extremely important. The first, is aesthetics. The look of the website can say a lot about your company. It is also the feature that site visitors use to instantly judge your company. The second feature is functionality, including links, videos, animations, shopping carts, registration forms. The third feature includes content – what is your website saying and how is the text serving your visitors?

Successful website design incorporates the best each feature. A website that looks good won't get the best reviews if users struggle to find information they need or if purchasing an item is confusing or difficult. Some may say streamlining your website is the answer – just the basics. But how basic do you really need to be if you're growing your business? Other websites are overcrowded with pages of information, photos, videos, and products all sitting on the home page. And how many good reviews are there of websites that are slow to load or that don't load properly at all?

When it comes to effective website design, Online Potential can show you how to balance your site so that the information is easy to find; videos are relevant and inviting; photos provide a way to form a connection; products can be shopped; and the overall look and “feel” of the website aligns with your brand.

Why is Website Design Important?

Every day, millions of people are online. They are performing web searches, watching videos, streaming music, scheduling appointments, reading product reviews, researching topics, and connecting with friends and family. Users favor sites that share their interests, that are easy to use, and that provide them with information or resources. It's important to know your target audience so you can design a website that not only serves your company's purpose but that provides for your consumers.

As much as well tell ourselves otherwise, looks matter. And a cluttered, uninteresting website will turn users away. Consumers might think your company lacks expertise, that it's cheap, maybe even fraudulent, all based on your website. Successful businesses know that having and retaining a reputable online brand are key to growing. A poor website really is bad for business.

Our Design Process

Online Potential knows that your company's website design should help your company grow while providing the opportunity to build brand awareness. We'll discuss the goals you've set for your company and ways website design can help you reach those goals. We concentrate on content, layout, and coding while you tell us what you want to get out of your website. Every inch of your site can be optimized so that the face your company is putting out there is one you can be proud of. Contact us today to learn more about the way website design can help your business grow.

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