Google Remarketing

Any sales guru will tell you that when you're with a customer, you have to ask for the sale. But did you know that consumers want to be invited to return? On-site stores will invite customers to come back with promotions, date-specific coupons and in-store events. Online, you might think you're missing out on the opportunity, but through Google Remarketing, you can invite previous customers to return to your site.

How Does Remarketing Work?

Remarketing can be accomplished a few different ways depending on your company's needs and consumer behavior. You can target potential consumers who have previously clicked on your site but did not purchase or appeal to existing customers to return and purchase again.

Google Remarketing works by showing tailored advertisements across the web to people who have visited your website before. It's easy to incorporate this type of Internet marketing into your existing website through remarketing tags. Once shoppers click a site with a remarketing tag, they are added to a remarketing list. Through remarketing lists, you can bolster registrations, sales, page visits, and brand awareness. Online Potential can help you create a new remarketing campaign or adjust existing campaigns to include remarketing practices.

At Online Potential in Gainesville, Florida, we work within Google AdWords parameters so that you get the most out of your remarketing campaign. This allows us to create custom campaigns so that you can target specific demographics or introduce loyalty programs. You can even promote clearance sales and products by creating remarketing lists from certain sections of your website. And don't forget about your conversion rate. With an effective remarketing campaign, you can target consumers who did not convert to invite them to return with special deals, new promotions, or brand awareness tactics. As for those who did convert, you can create special lists for up-selling or coupon expiration reminders.

How Can I Use Remarketing Strategies?

  • Search Ads: Show remarketing advertisements on search result pages. By using keywords, you can expand or narrow your reach to your intended audience.
  • Mobile Apps: After consumers have visited your mobile app, you can tailor ads to them as they use other apps.
  • Display Network: Your ads will appear to those who have visited your site while they browse the web.

Google Remarketing is an innovative way to reach a variety of consumers because you can have multiple remarketing lists at a time. This allows you to promote your general business to some customers while highlighting specific items or promotions to other customers who are more likely to purchase those specific items. You can tailor remarketing to reach a broad audience – say, everyone who visits your site – or a particular kind of consumer who you want to return – perhaps those who have purchased within a specific category or product line.

Online Potential can even help you ask for the sale with remarketing lists of consumers who have placed at least one object in their online shopping cart but have not purchased. Remind your customers that these items are awaiting their return. Let your customers know if a product is running out – a sense of urgency can often give consumers the slight push they need to complete the sale.

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