What is a Google Partner?

Google Partners is an opportunity for agencies, consultants and individuals to gain access to educational tools, training, analytical tools and more by earning a Partner badge. Businesses can then display the Partner badge on their website and marketing material so that customers know the business is credible and legitimate.

Qualifying for the Google Partners program requires a fully company profile, Google AdWords certification, spending the required minimum across accounts, and implementing best practices recommended by Google to clients in order to demonstrate expertise.

Trusting a Google Partner

Google doesn’t let just any company feature their name and logo on a website. The search engine company requires partners to adhere to certain guidelines and certification practices. Each Google Partner must take and pass a Google-administered certification exam every 12 months in order to remain a partner.

Best Practices

Google Partners must also follow the company’s guidelines for best practices in order to provide quality service. That means inbound marketing companies like Online Potential must follow Google’s approved list of Webmaster Guidelines. These are White Hat search engine optimization practices that Google recommends to every webmaster in order to provide a high-functioning website filled with high-quality content. There are specific guidelines in place to assure quality websites are being created and promoted across the Internet.

In order for agencies to continue Partnership with Google, they must demonstrate knowledge of best practices, recommended guidelines and a desire to stay abreast of technological and industry advances.

AdWords Certification

Google AdWords certification requires the completion of a Fundamentals examination and one of two available advanced exams — Advanced Display or Advanced Search. After passing the two required exams, Partners may choose to gain Advanced certification in Video Advertising.

This accreditation process allows Partners to provide the most up-to-date information to clients as well as stay involved in industry trends. Google provides training, industry research, and product updates, as well as educational material to Partners.

Individuals who have been certified in Advanced Search, Advanced Display and Video Advertising must complete recertification every year. Fundamentals recertification must be completed every two years.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web-based tool that provides ways to monitor, collect and analyze data about specific websites. While businesses can gain access to their own data, Google recommends having a person who has received qualification in Google Analytics to analyze and evaluate the data. Individuals can take the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) exam so that they may use Google Analytics to its full potential within the individual’s organization and through helping others. Google permits the publishing of a completed exam record as evidence that the individual has the expertise to adequately use the tools and analyze the data collected.

Business consultants may become a Google Analytics Certified Partner through a number proficiency requirements and program fulfillment requirements. This certification is available to individuals who deliver, sell or package analytics, conversion optimization and website testing services to online businesses.

Benefits of a Google Partnership

It is not mandatory for inbound marketing firms and other search engine optimization consulting agencies to become a Google Partner. However, it can be very beneficial. Google shares its best practices with its Partners, allowing them to stay on top of changing trends. It is also an excellent way for Google to encourage better SEO strategies (and fewer Black Hat SEO techniques) online so that its algorithms can better index websites.

A Google Partnership also helps clients know which businesses are sincere about helping them achieve their online marketing goals and which companies may just be in it for the quick rankings. The Partnership program as a whole is a win-win-win-win: Companies win by gaining access to Google’s wealth of information, clients win because they receive better websites and services from companies, web users win because better sites and higher-quality content become available, and Google wins because more websites adhere to Webmaster guidelines and are easier to rank.

Online Potential is one of more than 5,000 businesses participating in the Google Partners program. If you’re looking for a company you can trust in North Central Florida, look no further.

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